Let us find you the perfect reception site!

There are many fantastic restaurants, beach properties and other facilities that are available for receptions.

Ask me how you can have a wedding and an all inclusive Seafood Gumbo reception for $5000 dollars?!


The cost to decorate a reception area starts at $400. That includes chair covers, sashes, tableclothes, and table runners for up to 50 chairs and 6 tables that are provided by your venue. Additional charges are added if your venue does not provide tables and chairs. example: beach house, beach reception, or the pavilion.

To avoid renting items or making unnecessary purchases we have many in stock items to choose from.

In Stock Decorations Include:

Bridal Card Box

8 Uplighting Projectors-all colors

10 Extra Large Martini Glasses-for flower arrangements and other decor

5 Table Chandeliers



Round Mirrors- all sizes

Square Mirrors

Octagon Mirrors

5 Large Black Feather Balls

Kissing Balls of various colors 

Flower Rings

Candle Rings


Shepherds Hooks

Bridal Card Box


Glass Beads

Fish Bowls

Glass Vases (various sizes)

Sea Glass Mason Jars with Starfish and Burlap

Fish Netting


Artificial Flowers



Table Lights

Chairs Sashes

Table Clothes

Table Runners

Chair Covers

Original Artificial Flower Arrangements 

Various Flower Colors 


80 Table Chargers

Martini Glass with Beads, Mirrors, and Flowers

Simple White Arrangements in Martini Glasses

Kissing Balls in Martini Glass

Added Bling to a Simple Arrangement

Table Chandeliers with Feathers, Flowers, or Plain

Short Candlestick Flower Arrangements and Votivs with Red Uplighting